All the Questions of Tina’s Big Moved Answered

Did you and Adam break-up? Is Adam coming with you? But you love Boston! Where are you moving? Are just some the questions I got when I announced Tina’s Big Move 2017. No, Adam and I didn’t break up and yes, Adam will be coming with me.

Since everyone has been texting and messaging me I figured I would write a blog entry to explain the next chapter of my life. Before I begin, it’s important to understand I have lived in three places during my life. I’ve never lived somewhere my whole life, therefore I’m comfortable with going to new places in addition to adapting to new places.

I am also a firm believer that if you live in the same place and do the same things and see the same things your whole life you won’t grow as a person. It’s important to me to have the chance to live somewhere I have never lived and experience a new and unfamiliar place to help me grow and to ultimately become the best possible version of myself.

Yes, it was always my choice where I wanted to go to college. I knew from a young age I wanted to go to school and live in Boston. Well, I graduated college and am now pursuing my master’s and have a job in Boston. I should be happy right? Well I’m not. After five years of living somewhere it gets pretty old. I’ve seen what I wanted to see and have done and accomplished all that I want to as of this upcoming December.

Now, I’m not moving because I’m not happy it’s a combination of a lot of things that made me decide to move. I hope what I wrote below answers all your questions.


Where are you moving?

Growing up I’ve live in many places. I was born in Massachusetts, I lived in Florida for six years and spent my teenage years in Illinois. So I’ve lived in New England, the South and the Midwest. That leaves the west, I’ve never been out west. The farthest out west I’ve been is Nebraska. My dream would be to live in California where I have already found several public relations companies I LOVE. Then on the weekends I would love to explore California, other states out west and all the west has to offer. It would be such a refreshing experience after spending my whole life out east.

My second choice high on my list is New York City. Although this aspiring journalist/ publicist won’t be living on the Upper East Side anytime soon a large amount of the jobs I have found in California that I like have offices in NYC. And although New York is still on the east cost; living in NYC would be an experience itself.


Why are you moving?

  • I want a new experience

I’ve had my fair share of Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins games. I’ve had too many one- dollar beers at Coogans, seen four Boston Marathons, ate at some of the nicest restaurants in Boston and brunched on Newbury Street an unhealthy number of times. Summered on Cape Cod and have done every tourist attraction possible. After everything I just want a new experience. I am grateful for everything I have done and accomplished these past five years it’s just time for a change. I am ready to do something different than spend a Friday night after work at Tavern In The Square or one of the many local restaurants or bars I spend my Friday evenings. As fun as all these places and events are I want to immerse myself in something different.  

  • I’m too comfortable

That’s exactly the problem I am too comfortable here. I was born here and spent two weeks here every summer since I was three not to mention I attended college here and now my master’s. That’s a long five years. I can walk down the street and feel 100 percent safe. I know the T way too well and I’ve been that person you see who gives directions to tourist on my way to work or class.

  • I want to get more for what I pay here in Boston

$1,500 a month is what I pay for a studio apartment in an old brick stone in Boston. When you enter the apartment it looks like a hallway from a murder scene. Then entering the apartment (one room) one will notice the eggshell walls that are cracked from years of wear and tear.

I have two working outlets. I buy my coffee every morning because my coffee maker can’t reach the outlet, which is almost at the top of the wall and I do my hair in the living room – entertainment room – bedroom because the outlet in the bathroom is on the ceiling, which after climbing the toilet and sink the day after I moved I found to be broken. Also, who puts an outlet on the ceiling…weird!

I don’t have my own parking spot or have an extra $100-$500 to buy a spot; therefore if I’m home later than 5:30 p.m. I’m out of luck and have to drive around until I find a spot. Living in Boston sounds nice if you have $3,000 a month for a nice one -bed room with a gym, parking, laundry and everything included.

What I am paying now for my dinky apartment would get me something nice in pretty much any other state. Now, I know I chose this apartment however, it’s just not cutting it knowing what I pay someone else has something nicer than what I have for the same price.

  • I want a job that I wake up and say I love having

Back in April I turned down a great PR job right outside Boston to go to grad school, dumb idea. Not going to grad school part, the turning down the job part. I thought, “oh, I can find a better job in the city.” Wrong. After two months of searching with no luck I finally found a job in August at a well-known company. It’s a great job it’s just not what I want to be doing.

My philosophy of moving out west is for me to accomplish working somewhere that has meaning to me and that will make feel fulfilled each and everyday. My goal when I move out west is to work at a local paper or start up PR Company to begin my career in something I have a passion for.

I know I would never have my dream job here unless I start somewhere and I think I would have better success in my career path if I move to a place that has more opportunities for me. I want to be able to wake up every morning and say I love my job and going to work. 

Why 2017?

I decided I will make the move to wherever I end up in early spring of 2017. I chose this because I will have finished up my masters in December of 2016 and will be looking for a new job. If it’s later in the year I won’t mind I just want to go. If I could now I would, however I already committed myself to getting my master’s. 

Will you be coming back to Boston?

Yes, one day I would love to come back to the Boston area. HELLO I WANT MY HOUSE ON COM AVE, okay or just Newton. I would love to one day raise my family in Boston and have a summer home on The Cape. I’m sure by that time I will miss my Boston sports way to much and I will be due to cheer on a few runners in the Boston Marathon with margarita in hand or by that time run it myself.

Boston is my home and will always be my home, I just need to leave to grow, better myself and see what other places have to offer me in life.


IMG_8581.JPGThrowing It back to graduating a seeking new adventures. Here’s to my next adventure moving  in 2017!


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