One of My Favorite Places In Boston

One of my favorite things to do when I arrive early to my grad classes is go to BOLOCO at the corner of Bolyston and Charles Street and order an original teriyaki bowl and people watch as people are leaving for the evening commute.

What’s nice about this particular BOLOCO is the large windows all around the restaurant making it even better for people watching or just enjoying the view of Boston Common. But what makes this BOLOCO location more unique than others is the iconic statue of one of history’s’ most distinguished writers, Edgar Allan Poe.

As I am enjoying my dinner I love watching peoples reactions as they see the statue for the first time. Theirs hugs, pictures and selfies as if he were still living. One of the best parts is when a trolley or bus tour pulls up and a sea of people get off and crowd around the statue to remember one of history’s greatest writers.

Now, it’s not a coincidence Edgar Allan Poe is nestled at the heart of Emerson College, which is filled with aspiring writers alike. Poe was born on January 19, 1809 right down the road from where he stands today.

The statue was designed by Stefanie Rocknak and was funded by the Edgar Allan Poe Foundation of Boston. On October 5, 2014 over 200 years after his birth in Boston, Poe remains forever frozen in time in one of the most historic cities in our nation accompanied by the raven from one of Poe’s most notable poems The Raven.

If your ever looking for something to do in Boston take a walk across from the Boston Common to see one of histories most beloved writers and you may find me eating a teriyaki bowl watching as you take a selfie with Poe.


IMG_3627.JPGEdger Allan Poe at the corner of Bolyston St. and Charles St.

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