Meet Tina!

Tea With Tina

Welcome to Tea with Tina! Tea With Tina started shortly after graduating undergrad to put my journalism degree to use and document my travels. Over years Tea With Tina has grown into a platform for all things travel, food, and lifestyle. Tea With Tina has been an incredible journey for me to share my experiences, ideas, and hobbies with others and I can’t wait to keep writing and sharing my journey with you!

I post every Saturday and am always looking to collaborate with other bloggers and companies. Do you want to collaborate? Looking for a brand ambassador (social posts, product reviews, sponsored posts)? Email me at

After Tea With Tina launched in 2016 she has grown a social media presence and can be found on Facebook (Tea With Tina) and on Twitter (@tea_with_tina).

About Tina

A balanced mix of southern, midwestern and New England class, Tina is an ambitious marketing professional working in the fashion industry and has a passion for writing and influencing others through her experiences, travels, and fashion!




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