Save and Explore in 2017

With 2017 underway, now is a great time to start planning this year’s travel. As many of you know, traveling is expensive! Here are some tips to cut the cost and check that dream vacation off your bucket list.


Decide on your destination: Do your research! Make a list of places you have a desire to go and see which is within your budget. This will help decide where to travel and maybe even budget two vacations.

 Open a vacation savings account: This is the best piece of advice I wish I started sooner. Open a savings account devoted to traveling. Put $50 (or more) in the account each time you get paid. Then when it comes time to pay for the trip you will have money set aside.

 Skip out on the Starbucks: This one is hard but worth it! If grabbing a cup of Joe in the morning is part of your daily routine, stop. Instead, try making coffee at home. This will save more money than you think (same goes for eating out).

 Sign up for travel alerts: This is a great tip for people looking to save money and take multiple trips throughout the year. Sites such as TripAdvisor, Hopper and more will allow you to sign up for travel alerts simply by selecting your location and date. The sites will do the work for you and alert you when prices are low.

 Consider all-inclusive packages: Many resorts, travel sites, airline carriers and more offer great deals on all-inclusive vacation packages. This allows you to save money while having most of, if not food, accommodations, and flights paid for in advance. All you have to worry about is alcoholic beverages and excursions.

 Make a vacation dream board: I know this sounds silly, but it works! Google images of where you want to vacation and hang it up in your kitchen or bedroom (somewhere you will be likely to see it) the more you see it, the more you will get excited for your vacation and less likely to spend money.

 Get a side job: Picking up a second job is a great way to make extra cash! Spend evenings after your full-time job working at your favorite clothing store or restaurant. These options will also allow you to save on clothes and food. Want something more flexible? Try Uber or Lyft, which allows you to create your own hours.