How to Survive a New England Winter?

It has arrived, bone-chilling temperatures with snow up to our knees. Yes, I’m talking about another New England winter. As we countdown and cross days off our calendars till our spring vacations, Marathon Monday, and weekends on the Cape, how will we manage to survive the three rough months upon us? No worries, I’ve rounded up some top winter must-haves to survive another cold, snowy season.



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L.L. Bean Boats – Perfect for cold, snowy days!



Bean Boots: Invest in a pair of bean boots. Every New Englander should own a pair of dependable, warm, durable boots to get through rough snowy days. The average price for bean boots range between $100-$150 and will take you through multiple seasons and in addition to a lifetime warranty.

 L.L. Bean Slippers: Okay, just buy everything at L.L. Bean! All jokes aside, do invest in a pair of L.L. Bean slippers these top of the line slippers will take you through the season with warm toes as they are lined with lamb fur. Looking to have wine next to the outdoor fire pit? These slippers are perfect to use both indoors and out with their durable traction soles. No cold or wet feet!

 Invest in a Parka: Every true New Englander should also own a parka. Trust me you won’t think they look goofy when you’re out on the town or running errands warm and toasty! Check out brands such as Canadian Goose or North Face for styles and colors!

*Note: they do come at a steep price! But if handled with care and dry cleaned at the end of each season you can get your money worth out of any parka.

 Touchscreen Gloves: Trying to capture that perfect picture of the first big snow storm for Instagram or just checking your Facebook feed? Then be sure to get a pair of touchscreen gloves. North Face offers one of my favorite touchscreen gloves to keep you warm and tech savvy even on the coldest days without exposing your skin.

 Wool Socks: Whether it’s shoveling snow, hitting the slopes, doing errands or cuddling up by the fire, wool socks will become your best friend! Although costly for socks, investing in three or four pairs each winter will keep you warm no matter the occasion.

 Heated Blanket: Honestly, getting a heated blanket was the best present I’ve ever received. Heated blankets run upwards of $100 at Bed Bath & Beyond but don’t let the price scare you, it’s worth every penny! You’ll thank me when your toasty during that extra snooze in the morning or simply watching Netflix after work.

 Have the Uber App Handy: If you commute each morning you know the ‘T’ is never reliable, now try adding a nor ‘easter and chilling temperatures to the picture. Waiting six minutes for a train turns into 15 or 20 minutes (which feels like a lifetime on freezing mornings). Skip waiting in the cold and order an Uber (use uberPOOL with a friend or coworker for a cheaper ride).

 Extra Cash for Dunks: Let’s be honest we can’t go a day without our dunkin’ here in New England and winter is no exception! Those coffee breaks mid day to keep you going and warm you up are no joke here people.