Spring Break Must-Haves


Panama City Beach, Florida – Photo Courtsey: Emerald View Resorts


Spring break kicks off in two short weeks, but before you flock to paradise check out these must-have items that will help anyone in your crew make it through a week of sunshine, fruity drinks, and relaxation.

 First-Aid Kit: Someone in your group is bound to get sick, stung, sunburnt or just not feel well. Be the “mom” in your group and bring a first-aid kit. Buy a travel size kit at your local Wal-Mart or CVS before the trip. This way you’ll have all the necessities for any emergency.

Snacks: Whether road tripping or flying snacks are always a great idea! Pro Tip: If you’re staying in a condo, house or hotel with kitchen amenities go to a local grocery store and buy food for a few days. This will reduce cost from eating out, in addition to being a healthier option.

Sunglasses: Hitting the slopes or sailing through the Caribbean, sunglasses are a must have item! Check out Nordstrom for the hottest styles of the season.

Cash: You may be thinking who carries cash these days? However, it’s a great idea to always carry cash with you while traveling! Great for souvenirs, farmers markets, cabs or even tipping your bartender.

Floppy Hat: Floppy hats are very in for tropical vacation! Pro Tip: Buy while on vacation (treat yourself)!

Sun Screen: Honestly this is probably the most important on the list. With skin cancer on the rise, skip out on the tanning oil and invest in a high SPF sunscreen. You will still gain your bronze color, but limit the sunburns and wrinkles in the future.

Book or Magazines: If you’re headed to the beach this spring break I recommend bringing along a few books or magazines! I recommend Sweet Bitter by Stephanie Danler or The Girls by Emma Cline.

Swimsuit + Cover up: Don’t just bring one suit, bring a few! Looking to grab the years must have swimsuit? Check out these stores for the latest in swim fashion. Nordstrom, Anything But Water, Triangle