What’s in My Bag?


Some girls like small bags, others like cross bags, and some don’t like to carry a bag at all. As for me, I love big tote bags. The tote bag style is something I have grown up with, from high school through college it was always easy to just throw things in and go. Now as a working professional it still holds true! Here are just a few items I always have on me:

  • Agenda, because I’m a planner
  • Lip bum/ chapstick
  • Pens
  • Tide to Go (just in case)
  • Sunglasses
  • Work ID
  • Umbrella, perfect for all seasons!
  • Wallet
  • Gum
  • Headphones
  • Face wipes

What are your must-have items in your bag?

ClassPass Offers Luxury Gym Experience

Tired of your gym, but can’t afford the luxury of going to yoga, spin and barre studios all in the same month? Now you can with ClassPass. With over 20 cities within the U.S. and eight cities international offering ClassPass, fitness gurus can now travel within their own city to different studios – allowing a variety of fitness options.

ClassPass is a monthly membership that connects members to over 1,000+ of the best fitness studios in your area. Allowing members to not only try new gyms but also enhance daily workout routines at any fitness level.

The ClassPass app allows members to view available classes through the upcoming week and book classes in advance or as late as an hour before a class. Classes offered include yoga, cycling, barre, pilates, strength training, dance, martial arts, boxing and more.

A great feature to ClassPass is members have the luxury of not only using their classes in their home city but as well as while they travel. (Giving members no excuse to not get their sweat on!)

ClassPass varies in price depending on your location and offers three class packages that get renewed monthly. Packages include 3 classes, 5 classes, and 10 classes with the option to add an additional three classes if individuals finish before a month is up. Keep in mind these packages can be changed on how frequent each individual is attending classes.

As a member of ClassPass, I really enjoy the luxury of having the option to bounce from studio to studio in addition to my regular gym membership. ClassPass gives me the opportunity to make my workouts more diverse and fun! Overall, I enjoy this program, the flexibility, and the price. If you’re looking to include diversity or an extra challenge into your workout routine I highly recommend joining. Pro tip: I do the 5 class package and feel it offers the perfect amount of classes per month with the option to travel to studios twice within a cycle.

Interested in becoming a member? Learn more here.


Spring Break Packing Guide

Spring Break season is here! But before you jet off you have to pack. You may be like me and think its one of the best parts of going on vacation. For me, it makes me excited for the weekend or week ahead. But if you’re unlike me and you wait until the last minute and think it’s a hustle then keep reading as I have compiled some pro tips to make your Spring Break packing a breeze.

  • Invest in a good suitcase: Leave the duffle bag at home and invest in a durable rolling suitcase. This will make navigating luggage through the airport, to the hotel easier and less strenuous to your should. Personally, I like the smaller size, which fits in the overhead compartment and eliminates wait time at the baggage claim. Check out some brands here.
  • Make a packing list: I love lists and I especially love packing lists. I suggest creating a packing list a week in advance, this will give you the opportunity to see what you have and what you need to go buy. Also, it serves as a great reminder tool. (Don’t forget the passport or toothbrush!)
  • Try packing neutral colors: Picking items with neutral colors allows you to mix and match outfits while packing less! Instead of one outfit you now got two or three. Pro tip: brings different scarfs, chunks jewelry, different shoes to spice up each outfit.
  • Lay things out/try things on: This is a great packing tool to see what you have, if you like it or if you will actually wear it on vacation. Put on some music and have fun playing dress up!
  • Roll don’t fold: This is a mistake many people make, including myself. However, I quickly learned at a young age from a dad, who travels a lot for work that if you roll your clothes instead of folding them you will eliminate wrinkles and increase room in your suitcase. Give it a try!
  • Don’t pack the important things: Be sure to have an airplane bag or purse to keep the important things including passport, phone charger, earphones, gum, cash, travel pillow.



Happy Spring Break!