What’s in My Bag?


Some girls like small bags, others like cross bags, and some don’t like to carry a bag at all. As for me, I love big tote bags. The tote bag style is something I have grown up with, from high school through college it was always easy to just throw things in and go. Now as a working professional it still holds true! Here are just a few items I always have on me:

  • Agenda, because I’m a planner
  • Lip bum/ chapstick
  • Pens
  • Tide to Go (just in case)
  • Sunglasses
  • Work ID
  • Umbrella, perfect for all seasons!
  • Wallet
  • Gum
  • Headphones
  • Face wipes

What are your must-have items in your bag?

Favorite Bloggers + Influencers

I don’t know if many of you know, but it’s tough being a part-time blogger. Between paying for a platform, coming up with content, finding time between my full-time job and posts to visit places to review, then writing the content. It’s not all as glamorous as it sounds – its hard work!

I wanted to take this blog post to recognize some of my favorite bloggers and influencers who keep me inspired to keep writing, push myself to be a blog better blogger and writer with the hope to day be as big as they’ve become. Go check them out!

Rosie – The Londoner


Always a Clothes Call


Color me Courtney

Color me courtnry

 The A-Lyst

The A-Lyst

Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

ClassPass Offers Luxury Gym Experience

Tired of your gym, but can’t afford the luxury of going to yoga, spin and barre studios all in the same month? Now you can with ClassPass. With over 20 cities within the U.S. and eight cities international offering ClassPass, fitness gurus can now travel within their own city to different studios – allowing a variety of fitness options.

ClassPass is a monthly membership that connects members to over 1,000+ of the best fitness studios in your area. Allowing members to not only try new gyms but also enhance daily workout routines at any fitness level.

The ClassPass app allows members to view available classes through the upcoming week and book classes in advance or as late as an hour before a class. Classes offered include yoga, cycling, barre, pilates, strength training, dance, martial arts, boxing and more.

A great feature to ClassPass is members have the luxury of not only using their classes in their home city but as well as while they travel. (Giving members no excuse to not get their sweat on!)

ClassPass varies in price depending on your location and offers three class packages that get renewed monthly. Packages include 3 classes, 5 classes, and 10 classes with the option to add an additional three classes if individuals finish before a month is up. Keep in mind these packages can be changed on how frequent each individual is attending classes.

As a member of ClassPass, I really enjoy the luxury of having the option to bounce from studio to studio in addition to my regular gym membership. ClassPass gives me the opportunity to make my workouts more diverse and fun! Overall, I enjoy this program, the flexibility, and the price. If you’re looking to include diversity or an extra challenge into your workout routine I highly recommend joining. Pro tip: I do the 5 class package and feel it offers the perfect amount of classes per month with the option to travel to studios twice within a cycle.

Interested in becoming a member? Learn more here.


Valentines Day DIY Ideas

With Valentines Day weekend upon us, you may be wondering, “what do I get my sweetie?” The good news is everyone loves homemade DIYs. If you’re one of the many looking for last minute ideas, try one of these ideas.

  1. Decorate a beer (or soda) package with red wrapping paper/ hearts.
  2. Chinese take out carton filled with his/her favorite sweets
  3. Valentines themed vase
  4. Sharpie mugs – quick, easy, and cute
  5. Homemade cookies, cupcakes, or brownies – everyone loves baked goods!
  6. DIY brunch –heart shaped pancakes + mimosas
  7. At home movie theater – popcorn, movie, blankets, pillows, candles
  8. Deck of cards – write a fact you like about him/her on each card (can you think of 52?!)


Cure Winter Blues With Homemade Beef Stew

Here we are, mid-winter and here I am wrapped up in a blanket writing today’s blog post. I thought I would mix things up today and share an easy recipe to warm you up while you research warm getaways.

This beef stew recipe is easy, delicious, and the best part is you can cook it in the crockpot!

Prep time: 20 minutes 

Cook time: 4 hours on high in the crockpot 

4 large carrots

4 large celery sticks

1 potato

1/2 onion

1 cup water

1 can of beef stock

Beef stew beef


*Feel free to include more of your favorite veggies

Cut all veggies and put in crockpot, brown meat for about eight to ten minutes (it’s okay if meat is still a little pink). Add water, beef stock and meat to crockpot. Add a few splashes of wine for extra flavor, stir and turn on high for 4 hours. Enjoy!


Union Square Donuts Opens in Brookline

Boston is known for some popular donut shops; Kanes, Black Bird, and Union Square Donuts. The original Union Square Donuts located at 20 Bow St, in Somerville recently opened a second location in Brookline, MA.

With Brookline being a popular location for young adults, families and college kids shopping the boutiques they couldn’t have picked a better location for the new donut shop! A nice 15-minute walk from my apartment I made the journey over today to try one of Boston staple donut shops and they did not disappoint.

Although the line was out the door, the 30-minute wait was well worth it as the donuts are made fresh, from scratch daily! The menu offers a variety of flavors including a handful of vegan options. I got the Vanilla Bean and Brown Butte Hazelnut Crunch, both were moist, sweet and delicious.

Prices range between $3-$4 depending on the donut ordered (premium, original or vegan). I would recommend sharing one as they are large and filling! Union Square also offers a selection of coffees and teas offered at a reasonable price.

Looking to cater a work breakfast or an afternoon pick me up? Union Square offers catering and delivery to locations within the Boston area (Boston, Somerville, Allston, Brighton, Cambridge).

Whether it’s the Somerville or Brookline location I would recommend stopping by to try a donut and coffee.




Location & Hours:


20 Bow St.

M-F 7a.m. – 1p.m.

Sat-Sun 7a.m. -3p.m.


409 Harvard St.

7 a.m. -6p.m. every day

Looking to Spice up Your Workout?

New year new me right?! A common new year ‘s resolution among young and old is to spend more time at the gym getting fit or hitting a new body goal. Now, two weeks into 2017 you may have a groove going or you may have gotten bored and decided pizza and Netflix are more your style. If that’s the case, here are a few fitness classes to substitute your daily treadmill routine and have you looking forward to working out year round!

doyqi0ygPure Barre: It’s pretty safe to say Pure Barre is one of my favorite fitness classes. Looking to tone up your hips, thighs, seat, abdominals and arms? Then head to your nearest location and try a class. This 55-minute workout allows you to burn calories while building lean muscles through a variety of movements (if you have prior dance experience a lot of dance techniques are used). Looking for quick results? Try going four times a week and you will find you are gaining definition through your body. Each location offers special package deals, so check it out and get shaking!

store-logo-corepoweryogaCore Power Yoga
: Looking for something relaxing or need a good stretch? Try a yoga class. With yoga growing in popularity Core Power Yoga has been popping up across the country offering a variety of classes from beginner to advanced. The studio offers a wide selection of memberships from single classes to package deals. Did I mention students get their first week free!

barrys-bootcamp-logoBarry’s Bootcamp: Voted “Best Celebrity Workout” by Allure and Los Angeles Magazine no wonder Barry’s Bootcamp locations been popping up across the U.S! This hour-long class incorporates cardio and strength training to get a well-rounded workout. Each class offers new workouts and upbeat music making each class fun as well as leaving you with noticeable results. I have not tried it yet, but it’s on my 2017-bucket list

Unknown.pngSoulCycle: No matter your skill set everyone should at some point try a spin class! I first tried my first spin class in 2013 and I was hooked! SoulCycle is a fantastic 45-minute workout that offers spin gurus with a full-body cardio workout. SoulCycle offers a variety of packages from one ride to 30 classes (note: classes do come at a steep price). Be sure to reserve your bike online as classes fill up fast!






How to Survive a New England Winter?

It has arrived, bone-chilling temperatures with snow up to our knees. Yes, I’m talking about another New England winter. As we countdown and cross days off our calendars till our spring vacations, Marathon Monday, and weekends on the Cape, how will we manage to survive the three rough months upon us? No worries, I’ve rounded up some top winter must-haves to survive another cold, snowy season.



Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
L.L. Bean Boats – Perfect for cold, snowy days!



Bean Boots: Invest in a pair of bean boots. Every New Englander should own a pair of dependable, warm, durable boots to get through rough snowy days. The average price for bean boots range between $100-$150 and will take you through multiple seasons and in addition to a lifetime warranty.

 L.L. Bean Slippers: Okay, just buy everything at L.L. Bean! All jokes aside, do invest in a pair of L.L. Bean slippers these top of the line slippers will take you through the season with warm toes as they are lined with lamb fur. Looking to have wine next to the outdoor fire pit? These slippers are perfect to use both indoors and out with their durable traction soles. No cold or wet feet!

 Invest in a Parka: Every true New Englander should also own a parka. Trust me you won’t think they look goofy when you’re out on the town or running errands warm and toasty! Check out brands such as Canadian Goose or North Face for styles and colors!

*Note: they do come at a steep price! But if handled with care and dry cleaned at the end of each season you can get your money worth out of any parka.

 Touchscreen Gloves: Trying to capture that perfect picture of the first big snow storm for Instagram or just checking your Facebook feed? Then be sure to get a pair of touchscreen gloves. North Face offers one of my favorite touchscreen gloves to keep you warm and tech savvy even on the coldest days without exposing your skin.

 Wool Socks: Whether it’s shoveling snow, hitting the slopes, doing errands or cuddling up by the fire, wool socks will become your best friend! Although costly for socks, investing in three or four pairs each winter will keep you warm no matter the occasion.

 Heated Blanket: Honestly, getting a heated blanket was the best present I’ve ever received. Heated blankets run upwards of $100 at Bed Bath & Beyond but don’t let the price scare you, it’s worth every penny! You’ll thank me when your toasty during that extra snooze in the morning or simply watching Netflix after work.

 Have the Uber App Handy: If you commute each morning you know the ‘T’ is never reliable, now try adding a nor ‘easter and chilling temperatures to the picture. Waiting six minutes for a train turns into 15 or 20 minutes (which feels like a lifetime on freezing mornings). Skip waiting in the cold and order an Uber (use uberPOOL with a friend or coworker for a cheaper ride).

 Extra Cash for Dunks: Let’s be honest we can’t go a day without our dunkin’ here in New England and winter is no exception! Those coffee breaks mid day to keep you going and warm you up are no joke here people.


FitTea Review

FitTea 14 Day Detox

We‘ve seen it all over celebrity Instagram’s and the Kardashians drinking it like it’s water and today I finished my first 14 day FitTea Teatox. I have tried several other teatox’s before, but after seeing several people try FitTea I decided to finally give it a try! I have to say I didn’t notice any substantial changes in my body except I became less hungry as the 14 days went along and fund myself eating less.

I don’t think this tea helped me loss any weight like people have said, but maybe something to monitor if I decided to do another 14 day detox or even the 28 day detox, which maybe where consumers are seeing the results.

Also, this tea didn’t have a very appetizing taste. I love tea and trying new teas, but I have to say at first the tea was a struggle to drink. I would take a sip and want to dump the rest out. However, as the 14 days went along I acquired a taste for it and in the end enjoyed the tea as a whole.

The tea consists of Rooibos, Green Tea, Ginger, Oolong, Pomegranate, Stevia, Guarana, Citric Acid, Sea Salt (electrolytes), Lemon Juice, Honey, Matcha green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia and Extract.

It’s suggested to drink the tea every morning with or without breakfast and  add honey in the tea after steeping for 3-5 minutes.

If you are interested in trying FitTea you can find it at your local GNC for $24.99 for the 14 day detox or $ 44.99 for the 28 day detox.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016

NordstromOn July 14, Nordstrom welcomed card holders to shop early access at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and opens to the public on July 22 (tomorrow!). After shopping the sale myself I have to say Nordstrom did a fantastic job this year buying the perfect styles.

Just weeks before the sale I went to Nordstrom to buy a dress for a wedding and the hype for this Anniversary sale was like none I’ve heard before. Employees raved about the items that were bought for the sale with one employee at the Natick Mall in Natick, MA saying, “It’s the best selection I’ve seen for our anniversary sale” which made me very excited to shop it!

Now if you’re not familiar with Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale it’s basically Christmas in July for Nordstrom consumers and has become a staple sale at the store. The sale itself consists of brand-new fall and late summer merchandise marked down at low prices. With exclusive perks for Nordstrom card holders such as early access to the sale and more.

Interested in shopping this year’s Anniversary Sale? Be sure to check out your local Nordstrom between Friday, July 22 and Sunday, August 7, 2016.

Happy Shopping,



This year’s purchases consisted of:

Ray Ban Sunglasses

A Kate Spade – Cross Bag

Jack Roger Sandals