Trident Booksellers and Cafe: Cozy Brunch in Boston’s Back Bay

Boston’s Back Bay is one of the most comforting part’s of Boston, with its charming boutiques, brownstone apartments, and abundance of restaurants it’s hard not to feel at home.


If you’re in the mood for a cozy dining experience then head to Trident Cafe located at 338 Newbury Street. Its popularity among college kids and locals has this breakfast joint packed every weekend offering foodies alike a truly unique experience.


Trident is the perfect place to catch up with friends and browse their wide selection of books, magazines, and cards. Its outstanding food and quick service adds to the list of reasons Trident is a must try restaurant in Boston’s Back Bay. Pro tip: go before 10am as the restaurant fills up fast. Be prepared to wait!


Offering fresh juice, smoothies, dessert, brunch, lunch, and dinner guest can look forward to trying something new each time they come. Check out their full menu here!


Trident is open daily 8am to midnight.


Valentines Day DIY Ideas

With Valentines Day weekend upon us, you may be wondering, “what do I get my sweetie?” The good news is everyone loves homemade DIYs. If you’re one of the many looking for last minute ideas, try one of these ideas.

  1. Decorate a beer (or soda) package with red wrapping paper/ hearts.
  2. Chinese take out carton filled with his/her favorite sweets
  3. Valentines themed vase
  4. Sharpie mugs – quick, easy, and cute
  5. Homemade cookies, cupcakes, or brownies – everyone loves baked goods!
  6. DIY brunch –heart shaped pancakes + mimosas
  7. At home movie theater – popcorn, movie, blankets, pillows, candles
  8. Deck of cards – write a fact you like about him/her on each card (can you think of 52?!)


Brunchin’ @Union

Let me be honest, I’ve been slacking on my brunch game. I’ve been skipping the gym on Sunday’s and sleeping in till 10 a.m. then rolling out of bed tossing my hair in a messy bun and putting on yoga pants and an over sized shirt and walking down the street to Harry’s, which is a sub par bar that happens to serve a decent brunch.

Today, I figured why not try a new place. Living in Allston, I live near some dives and also some of the most popular bars in Boston. Just a few blocks from my apartment is @Union located at 147 Harvard Ave in Allston. Now, don’t let the exterior of the building or Harvard Ave scare you away from this popular brunch location. It’s worth a shot.

After our short walk to @Union we had to wait about eight minutes to get seated. The restaurant itself is a cozy size with about fifteen tables serving up homemade orange juice and mimosas, Arabic coffee and an overwhelming amount of options.


To start, I got a mimosa and the freshly brewed Arabic coffee. And for brunch I got the bacon and blue omelet (without the blue), which had caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon and blue cheese. The meal also came with toast and breakfast potato’s.

Adam got iced coffee, pancakes and a side of bacon and another side of potatoes.

Overall, the food was really tasty and the atmosphere was cozy and quant with wood walls giving a coffee shop vibe. This is a great location for young adults or college students in the area looking for a reasonably priced brunch option.

If you’re going on a weekend be prepared to wait. On a busy day the line usually is out the door. But, again don’t let that scare you away it’s worth the fifteen-minute wait.

Google gave @Union 4/5 stars and I would give it a 3.5/5. Although the service was slow it was made up by the atmosphere and food.