Wine Tour: Cape Cod Winery

Located in the town of Falmouth, MA sits a fairly young winery growing light savory wines perfect to give as a gift or drink by the beach.

Opened in 2013 (at their current location), Cape Cod Winery is owned and operated by the Orlandella family who is growing some of the best grapes on Cape. The winery was originally founded in 1994 by Lazzari family to create premium wines for residents and tourist to enjoy with the finest seafood Cape Cod has to offer, and the Orlandella family is sure carrying on that tradition.

Grown with sandy gravel soil, which is ideal for grape growing has been compared to vineyards of Southern France and Italy. However, the carefully produced wines from Cape Cod Winery reflect the character of the Cape Cod soil and climate that embody a light, crisp, savory flavor which can be perfectly paired with the seasons freshest fish. (Did I hear perfect for a raw bar?)

Photo Courtesy: Google Images

Must try: 

Chardonnay – Rich with flavors of toasted oak, vanilla & butter. It has a rich creaminess that surrounds you at each ship.

Nobska Light White – Semi-dry light wine has a wonderful fruity aroma with hints of citrus, peach & tropical fruits.

Vineyard Sound White Sauvignon Blanc – Crisp citrus with hints of tropical fruits perfect pairing with seafood!

We had a lovely time at Cape Cod Winey! We can’t wait to go back during the summer season.

Open daily April – December, and January – March by appointment.

Address: 4 Ox Bow Rd. East Falmouth, MA 023536



Guide to Martha’s Vineyard

Summer home to several past presidents, Martha’s Vineyard makes you feel a world away with its whimsical charm and simplistic beach lifestyle. From its gingerbread neighborhood to the cliffs of Aquinnah to the famous Black Dog Tavern. I love Martha’s Vineyard!

Each summer I love taking a day to enjoy and explore the Vineyard. I usually rent a moped, as it’s the easiest way to get around and always end my day with a mudslide from Nancy’s before hopping back on the ferry to Cape. But what do I do with the rest of the day? As the Vineyard can be overwhelming for first-time visitors I’ve rounded up some of my favorite must-see attractions and restaurants for your vineyard adventure.

Tina Tips:

Rent a moped or bike: With the island being small and congested with traffic during peek season, why no see the island on bike or moped? Allowing you to see more without having to take the time to find parking. Making it more convenient rentals are less than a five-minute walk from the ferry.

Take the first ferry out of Falmouth: Don’t wait until mid morning. Hop on the first ferry. After you park on Palmer Ave. in Falmouth a bus shuttles you down to Woods Hole where the ferry leaves. The drive to Woods Hole can take an additional 30 min on top of the 45-minute ferry – be sure to leave early. Although you may feel you arrived early there are some great breakfast choices once on the Vineyard. I’ve recommended a few below!


Espresso Love: From sandwiches to bagels to salads, to coffee and more Espresso Love will not disappoint.

Biscuits: Looking for a sit-down breakfast joint? This is the place to go. Don’t be surprised if you wait 40 minutes to an hour – but trust me it’s worth it!


The Black Dog Tavern: A popular tourist destination with a beautiful view. Don’t forget to grab some Black Dog merchandise on the way out!

Nancy’s: Best mudslides and seafood. Grab a drink and watch the sunset on the dock.


 The Flying Horse: Test your luck on The Flying Horse. Maybe even have a friendly competition to see who can grab the most rings!

The Gingerbread houses: A whimsical, quite neighborhood. Makes you feel like you’re in a children’s book. Don’t forget to snap an Instagram picture.

The Cliffs of Aquinnah: The Cliffs of Aquinnah is a must see on the Vineyard. Take some time to observe the view, another great photo opportunity.

Jaws Bridge: Take the plunge, just do it!

Vineyard Haven: Shops, beaches, eats.

 Oak Bluff: Touristy shops, beaches, restaurants, bike and moped rentals.

Edgartown: Very upscale, shopping, beautiful homes and more.










Where’s Tina Eating on Cape?

It’s safe to say I love going out to eat, especially when I can eat outside and enjoy beautiful weather in one of America’s most popular vacation destinations. I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to live on Cape the summer going into my senior year of college, which gave me the opportunity to try several restaurants, bars and ice cream shops all over cape.

Tina’s Top Eight Picks (No Specific Order).


1. DJ’s Wings – Hyannis, MA/Falmouth, MA


I first found out about DJ’s from my boyfriend, who is a big fan of their wings. The first time I went to visit him on Cape he took me to the original DJ’s in Hyannis. I enjoy going to the Hyannis location, which looks like an old fashion train and allows guest to eat on the roof.

As you may have guessed their specialty is wings. They have the option of bone- in and bone- out wings with over a dozen sauces to choose from including peanut butter and jelly. My “go-to” is the buffalo chicken dip, which I would recommend sharing with friends or family. As for the rest of the menu, it’s very large and has everything from chicken sandwiches, warps, to subs, burgers and more.


 2. Betsey’s Diner- Falmouth, MA


Betsey’s Diner is one of my Falmouth favorites. It’s has your typical diner food and is usually very busy for breakfast as their are fresh baked goods and my personal favorite the corn bread. Expect a short wait if going on a weekend as this is a popular stop for tourist before a day on the beach (typical wait 15-20 min). Tip: Don’t forget to have cash on you, as Betsey’s is cash only!


 3. Captain Parkers Restaurant & Pub- West Yarmouth, MA


Captain Parkers is located right next to Pirates Cove in West Yarmouth. This is a great place to go with the family after a few rounds of mini golf. Captain Parkers gives off a very casual atmosphere with a variety of food and drinks. My favorite is their baked scrod served with rice and a veggie. One of my favorite parts about Captain Parkers besides the fun jingle on the radio is you can order ahead for pick up. Making the wait less stressful after a long day in the sun or traveling with younger kids.


 4. The Chart Room- Cataumet, MA


Known for their famous mudslides, The Chart Room is one of my favorites for an afternoon drinking on the lawn and a baked cod dinner. The Chart Room won’t disappoint. Be sure to dress up, as everyone is in cape cod casual. I would recommend to arrive early as the parking lot fills up fast. Also, don’t be surprised if you have to wait around an hour especially at peek season, as this is a popular tourist destination and a local favorite. Come at the right time and you may see some Boston sport plays as they have been spotted spending an afternoon at The Chart Room.


5. Black Cat Tavern- Hyannis, MA


I first heard of Black Cat Tavern from some of my fellow Cape League interns, but didn’t think much of it until I sampled their chowder at Chowder Fest 2014 and quickly made my way over to the actual restaurant located right near the Kennedy Compound and Hyannis Ferry. With its beautiful views and amazing chowder don’t pass it up. Did I mention they won best chowder on cape in 2014?


 6.Cape Cod Bagel- Falmouth, MA


Looking for a quick meal before a day at the beach or for the ride back home? Don’t let the line out the door scare you aware from one of Cape’s hidden gems. Cape Cod Bagel has a variety of bagels, sandwiches, coffee flavors and bakes goods to please the whole family. The bagel joint serves a duel purpose selling not only food but also, local art and jewelry great for last minute souvenirs. I world recommend going later in the morning on a weekday as the wait is shorter and more tables are available to enjoy breakfast or lunch in the courtyard.

 7. Seafood Sam’s- Yarmouth, MA/Falmouth, MA


Casual and family friendly is the best way to describe Seafood Sam’s, it’s almost like the McDonald’s of Seafood and I absolutely love it! Their cod sandwich is one you can’t pass up. This is a great option after a long day at the beach or to satisfy any fish lover’s appetite.


 8. Nancy’s – Martha’s Vineyard, MA


A short 45-minute boat ride from Falmouth takes you to the whimsical island of Martha’s Vineyard. The perfect place for a day trip, Maratha’s Vineyard really makes you feel “an island away” with the beaches, storybook like gingerbread houses, and everyone riding around on mopeds and jeeps. After a quick ride on The Flying Horse, walk across the street to Nancy’s one of my favorite restaurants on the island with a large deck that is perfect for day drinking or watching the sun set.

They have two menus, the bar menu which includes your typical bar food that you can get at the bar or up at the window as well as their extensive sit-down menu. My favorite is the crab cake sandwich, which comes with a perfect glob of Maryland crab cake, pasta salad and vegetables.

Whether it’s an afternoon drink or an evening meals with the family before heading back to the main land Nancy’s will not disappoint.

9. Keltic Kitchen – Yarmouth, MA 


Open only for breakfast, the Keltic Kitchen is one you can’t pass up. This small Irish breakfast joint is one to have the whole family leaving happy and full. Their are two dining options on the patio or inside, which is small and cozy. My recommendation would be the corn beef hash, which is my favorite on their mile long menu. I ate here every Sunday when I lived on Cape and it was alway packed! But no need to freak out about the long line it moves quickly and is hundred percent worth the wait.