Fitbit Review

Is it weird to say I feel naked without my Fitbit? I’ve been actively counting my steps for almost a year now and have become very aware of my daily physical activity.

When I first acquired my Fitbit as a gift last Christmas I never thought it would become part of my daily life. Keep reading to see what I love about my daily fitness accessory!

Tells time: Fitbit has become a popular way to tell time at a flick of a wrist. No need to keep pulling out the cell phone!

Counts steps: I have a set goal of 8,000 steps per day. I know that’s not a lot but I have a desk job (7am -6pm) and I don’t move around as much as I like. Since having the Fitbit I am more aware of my activity throughout the day.

Challenges: If you’re a competitive person then Fitbit is for you! I frequently challenge friends and family through the week or on weekends making both myself and my challenger aware of our daily activity while acting as a coach to keep each other active.

App: I sync my Fitbit to the Fitbit app daily it’s a great way to visually see your progress throughout the week, view milestones and be rewarded by Fitbit for moving and grooving.

What are you waiting for get up and get stepping!


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GAIAM 3-in-1 Strap & Sling Review

IMG_6027My mom loves to send me little care packages each month. This month consisted of a Two’s Company lunch box, Dunkin Donut K-Cups and the GAIAM 3-in-1 Strap & Sling. I loved everything as usual, but was really excited about one item in particular- the GAIAM 3-in-1 Strap & Sling, which functions as a yoga strap, resistance cord and mat sling.

This is a must have resistance cord for everyone who loves to use resistance cords for stretching or during workouts. Not only is it multi-function, but is covered with a soft fabric for an extra comfy grip unlike regular resistance cords. (Do you love yoga? This accessory is for you!).

This 3-in-1 Strap & Sling offers medium resistance and measures 31” L with two 4” handles on each end.

This resistance cord can be found online at, or and range anywhere between $9- $11 depending on where you purchase from.

I give the GAIAM 3-in-1 Strap & Sling 5/5 stars.