Guide to Eataly

Last fall Eataly opened in the Prudential Center located in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. Since then tourist and Bostonians alike have flocked to take in the culture of Italy through the Italian market, culinary school, and eatery.

Although the market is incredible, if you been to Eataly, you know it can be hectic! You go in with such high expectations then you walk in and it’s a zoo, their’s pushing, people standing around and literally a line to Italy to get your gelato! So how does one make their Eataly experience enjoyable?

  1. Go early: be one of the first in line to explore the Italian market.
  2. Dine first: if you plan on dining at one of their signature restaurants try and eat as soon as you arrive. If you arrive later in the day and get put on the waitlist, no worries your 45 minutes to hour wait will allow you ample time to walk around and explore the wines, pastas, produce and more!
  3. Postpone purchases: plan to make your purchases on the way out as the registers are at the exit of the market.
  4. Grab a cannolis or gelato around midday: I’ve found more people grab their sweet treats in the evening.
  5. Don’t stand around: my biggest recommendation would be to keep walking! This eliminates traffic and congestion throughout the store.

Can’t make it to Italy but want to experience the culture? No worries, Eataly has 33 locations worldwide with three other locations in the United States (Chicago and NYC).

Open daily from 9 am – 11 pm.

Eataly Boston 3/5 stars